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How To Join And Play ?

To play in RYLOracle Free 3D Online game, please follow the instructions below.

1. Before you can play this game, you must have to create the game account. You can register the account by clicking Register at navigation bar.

2. This is a 3D Online game, please make sure you have a graphic card installed in your computer. Before you start playing this game, you must have our client installed into your computer. You can download our client by clicking here. After you have finish your download, please install it.

3. You have done with your installation? There will be an RYLOracle Icon at your Desktop. Double click the Icon to run the Game, and RYLOracle Game Launcher will be popup at your screen and game will be update to the latest version of RYLOracle. Just wait and let the auto update run until finish.

4. After auto update has been succesfully update the game, look at right hand side at your screen, there will be an "Oracle" word. Double click the word and game login screen will be show up. Please login using your account that you have register with us and start Risk Your Life!

Latest News - Game Update - Event and all about RYLOracle will update in here

  Server Upgrading on 30 January 2015 | 10:00PM - 27 Jan 2015 8:50 pm · Read More >>
  How to contact admin? - 21 Jan 2015 5:13 pm · Read More >>

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Server Information

Server Location : Europe
Max Level : 95
Registration : Open
Version : 672